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Plants started out as seeds, humans started as zygotes, everything starts out within the same cycle of growth, however we branch out differently with our different personalities— which is why this year at South Swing we plan to sprout in a different direction.

Just like combusted planets, we humans tend to be reborn—

 it’s not just about bodily incarnation but also based on our minds and ideas that may change and regenerate over the years we have spent breathing and living.

This year, at South Swing we decided to go bold and challenge ourselves to produce a different type beat that we never did before.


If you look closely at our design, the numbered dates are not exactly linear as our stories and timeline does in this reality— it represents the changes that we face throughout our lives, especially past the year 2020 and you definitely know what we mean by that change.

Thus, sprout out and spread those wings. Drive yourselves into trying variance of things in the world. Challenge yourselves as if today is not the day, then when?

Behind Orbit The Sun


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