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5 Little Things To Do In The Morning That Make A Big Impact

It’s often the simplest things that have surprises up their sleeves...

The alarm puts a stop to your sweet dreams, your brain says "Wakey-wakey" but your heart just wants it wants. Waking up has never been easy, don’t you all agree? You change your position in unusual ways, with your head hanging upside down, you roll around hitting the snooze button for God knows how many times before crying over the fact that you got to work to pay the bills or study to secure your dream job. Only then, you’d be dragging yourself out of your cosy, warm bed…...with eyelids still glued.

If you start your day with everything good, goods will follow you for the rest of the day. I’ve always been a night owl but having these things to look forward to the next morning helps me to get all jazzed up for the day. Discover the 5 little things I religiously do, so no matter how my days go about, I could always tell myself, “There’s always tomorrow to count on.”

1. Count 1, 2, 3…...100

Your life is full of beauty of its own, you just need to look closely or use a magnifying glass for a bigger picture. Trust me, you may lose count of the things that you’ve been blessed with. It doesn’t have to be the enormous ones, you can start by thanking your belief system for giving you a chance to greet another day, to have a roof over you, to be able to move your arms and legs or to wake up to familiar sounds of birds chirping, bustling city and alarm clock, even though they can annoy the hell out of you at times but there you go, it’s a blessing to hear, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Do the math now.

2. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Imagine spending 6 hours or more without consuming water and you only take your first sip of drink a few hours after starting your day. Just thinking of it makes my body scream for more hydration. I’d love to suggest a few of my juice cleanse recipes but if you consider it as a daunting task to walk to the kitchen or you’re not ready to get into it yet, just fill a nice glass bottle with some lemon-infused water, place it on your side table and add a few springs of mint if you like.

Aesthetic value? Checked. Vitamin C, hydrated body, better digestive system, fresh breath? Pretty much an elixir to me.

3. Write something right

To set up the tone for the rest of your day, write down some goals or intentions that you aim to tick off. Don’t stress yourself out, this only means to get you pumped up to do something aside from getting your job done. Perhaps you’re thinking of the laundry pile or some important report to be handed in by today but this is more than that, I’m talking about a powerful intention involving acts of kindness.

Kindness spreads like a wildfire - the selfless act you carry out today may turn someone’s frown upside down, in fact, there’s a possibility for it to be carried forward for more years to come.

Smile more, buy your office security guard lunch, compliment your building janitor or coworker, offer a ride, pray for the random everyday people you see and the list goes on. It’s undeniable that you’re capable of doing it randomly but by writing it down, you can track what else to offer the next day in making the world a better place.

4. Green-feast your eyes

Often described as tranquil and soothing, green simply speaks nature. Some of you may already have indoor plants in your bedroom for certain reasons. For those who haven’t, did you know that laying your eyes on greenery in the morning is somehow good for your wellbeing? Psychologically proven to boost your mood and reduce stress, it is amazing how a colour can do such jobs so, take some time to browse for the best indoor plants to place on your windowsill, vanity or shelf. You should consider snake plants, orchids, bromeliads and succulents because unlike other plants, they emit oxygen at night which is great for your beauty sleep. Worry not, if you don’t have a green thumb, just spend a few minutes on your balcony or by the window to feast your eyes with nature outdoor while breathing some fresh morning air, it’s guaranteed to work the same way.

5. Stretch it out!

Sleeping rejuvenates your body for another day. Your brain may be awake but your muscles need a wake-up call. If you wake up feeling sluggish, shake it out a bit by doing some simple stretches. Never underestimate what a regular stretching can do to your body; it increases blood flow, improves concentration, loosens muscles and eases ache or pain. It’s okay if you’re clueless about the types and steps, check this out. Do it every morning or at least 3 to 4 times a week to maintain flexibility as you age, especially if your job demands you to sit in front of a computer from 8 to 5, you ought to make stretching a regular program.

Written by Nisa Rapi

Nisa Rapi loves to wallow in KL city lights when she’s not cultivating another world with her pink Olivetti. She lives by her dad’s definition of herself to keep going, “You have the qualities that no one can ever deny” - and she truly believes everyone should too!

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