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5 Local Creative Women Who Inspires Us

1. Takahara Suiko, Singer/Songwriter

Takahara on her first memory of getting to know music “My earliest memory of music composition was when I was 10 years old. I’d use my father’s monophonic phone back in those days and tinker on the single-note playing tones to create my own tunes”. Taken from her interview with NST (July 2017)

2. Sharina Sharin, Artist

She quotes “Art is important because it’s a reflection of our culture, a means of communication, a basis of intellectual discourse and a vehicle for change”. Taken from her interview with Cleo Magazine (March 2018)

3. Nee Wong, Visual Artist/Interior Designer

The greatest lesson Nee has learned since the beginning of her career is to

not be rigid, and let the creative process create greater things”.

Taken from her interview with Oh Sebenar (March 2019)

4. Nadirah Zakariya, Photographer

“Make every moment count”, that was what she learned through photography. Taken from her interview with Dodge & Burn (August 2011)

5. Bono Stellar, Art Director/Designer

Talks about how she would cope when she’s feeling down

“I had this phase of ups and downs like most people do. When I have this ‘down’ time, I would go to the beach. I think that’s the most therapeutic place to go and reflect and talk to the wind and the waves”.

Taken from her interview with Malay Mail (October 2018)

Written by @anothermanis

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