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Grapeseed Oil: Everything That Turns Grape Into Grail

Let nature do its work, all you gotta do is eat it or sometimes…..wear it.

For someone who looks up to her mother for her beauty routine, I could say that it’s not peculiar that I’m obsessed with using tomato as scrub, honey (plus Vaseline) as overnight lip mask and for face, I just love how the mixture of oatmeal and yogurt does wonders. I’ve been a devoted user of anything that I can get straight out of the garden - or kitchen! If you were to ask me what’s the natural product that I swear by, I would say grapeseed oil.

Grapeseed oil is the reason why I always look forward to my post-shower routine every single day since years ago. Argan oil used to dominate my holy grail products list but grapeseed oil took over the spot due to its anti-inflammatory and lightweight properties; making it a powerhouse for my sensitive skin and hair. Who would’ve thought that my decision to purchase grapeseed oil during a casual trip to a Middle Eastern convenience store has changed my life? (literally). I was aware of its benefits beforehand but well you know, I thought it’d only be a one time purchase - I was proven wrong. Even Meghan Fox and Emma Stone have grapeseed oil on their vanity. So, let's see why does it live up to the hype!

One man’s waste is another man’s treasure. The grape seeds are often considered as waste products of wineries and juice-making industries for so long. However, many thanks to someone who first thought of saving the seeds for another use by pressing them for the light yellow to almost colourless looking oil with a very subtle scent. Packed with some good stuff, grapeseed oil was first introduced in the 14th century by a doctor who believed its effectiveness in healing skin diseases. Since then, it has been found in many personal care and cosmetic products throughout the centuries.

Grapeseed oil remains legit in this era, because of these bad boys; antioxidants, vitamin E, fatty acids and linoleic acid. Once you use it, you’ll consider them as your BFFs mainly for helping you to counteract free radical production, stimulate collagen, induce hair growth, restore moisture, refine complexion and reduce inflammation; very much the keys to healthy skin and locks.

As for me, I only use it on my hair and body so I can’t say much about its effect on the face but yes, it works well as a makeup remover. I even ditched my hair conditioner as grapeseed oil works much better. I’m confident that my hair and skin have been thanking me every day - no more room for dryness and dullness, only healthy glow!

Either after showering or any time of the day, do it religiously and you'll notice the difference. By now, you can stop wondering how to apply the oil to your skin and hair. Just follow these easy peasy steps and you’ll be good to go...

  1. Prep your hair and skin with suitable mist (if you're not doing it post-shower).

  2. Put an ample amount of grapeseed oil on your palm.

  3. Rub it between your palms to warm it up.

  4. Apply it to any desired parts of your body but avoid applying it directly to your scalp, you might not fancy the greasy feels. Start from the end tips and work your way up along the hair length.

Now that you’re intrigued to include grapeseed oil in your routine, you’re bombarding your head with these questions, “Where do I get it? What are the trusted brands? How would my skin react to it?” You’ll find the answers to the first two questions here. But if you’re not a fan of filling your cart with things virtually, go to the nearest personal care and beauty stores or supermarkets, and browse their natural oil selections.

Remember to do a patch test before smothering your whole body with it, it’s important to listen to your body. With many selections these days, you get to discover anything that suits you; argan oil, rosehip oil, almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil, there must be something out there that your skin and hair fancy. So...happy oiling, get glowing!

Written by Nisa Rapi

Nisa Rapi loves to wallow in KL city lights when she’s not cultivating another world with her pink Olivetti. She lives by her dad’s definition of herself to keep going, “You have the qualities that no one can ever deny” - and she truly believes everyone should too!

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