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Local Indie Bands : You Should Listen to This Month

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Our local indie music scene is ever so expanding and many thanks to the internet and social media era, the expansion is clearly moving faster than you can ask “What’s the next best local indie band that is worthy of my listening time?” And you are probably asking that a lot by now. Well, have no fear, I am here to help you discover 6 local bands (new or old) that I think are ever so worthy of a listen or for you to at least click that follow button down on their respective instagram page because let’s just face it, how else are going to show our support in this day and age??

DISCLAIMER: I will try to be as inclusive as I can possibly be in this list. If I missed a band or two, don’t worry!! Hopefully this will eventually become a monthly segment. Without further a do and in no particular order, here are 6 local indie bands you should be following by now.

1. Youth Portal

Youth Portal is a five-piece band from Cyberjaya. If you like shoegazing your way to work or a fan of dreampop, this band will enlightened you and bring you joy. They’ve recently came out with a new music video for their track “Film Song” taken from their self-titled EP ‘Youth Portal’. If you’re looking for something that’s both soothing and angsty that could become the background music to your nineties aesthetic lifestyle, I cannot recommend this band enough.



2. Loko

Are you looking for a band that just screams INDIE POP ROCK MALAYSIA CIRCA 2007? Well, what if we tell you that we have the next best thing? There is just something about the band Loko that reminds me of your favorite indie bands like Hujan, Bittersweet or Meet Uncle Hussain (all are superbly amazing bands btw) but it’s not about Loko sounding anything like the mentioned band at all. In fact, there is barely any similarities to the former. Perhaps it’s just their persona and stage presence that just brings me back to that INDIE era. The energy they have is just uncanny and it transcends into their catchy indie pop tracks like “Pujaan Hati” and “Untuk Dia” (which they coincidentally just released a music video for).

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3. Shuuna

There is just something so mesmerizing and intriguing about the band Shuuna. Recently they became the opening act for Mitski and I couldn’t picture any other band that shares the same type of alluring feminine mystique as she does. Shuuna mixes shoegaze, new wave, indie pop and folk into their music. Although their frontwoman Shuhusna may appear deer eyed and timid, the moment she sings on stage, her presence will be a mood changer and I mean that in the nicest way ever. Be on a lookout for this band, they will be going places.



4. Jetcetera

Jetcetera is a relatively new band, but a band with potential. Upon listening to their single “Hear Me Out”, you can honestly tell that there is just an air going on with this band. Jetcetera is a female fronted indie rock band that is just lyrically articulate and melodically melancholy and head bopping inducing. If you crave for music that could make you cry and dance and cry again, well, this could be the band for you.



5. Alien Lipstick Fire

Alien Lipstick Fire is “Malaysian based Modern Indie rock band influenced by different indie bands” as they claim in their facebook “about me” section and I couldn’t agree more. Listening to their tracks, you can hear the subtle influences from Bombay Bicycle Club, Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Their latest single “Journey to RA” is this catchy psychedelic sad pop track that will give you anxiety about the future all while you slow dance away into a feel good high. This band has recently opened up for Boy Pablo and only good things were heard from the said show. They seriously are deserving of more attention and support.



6. The Fridays

What’s not to love about The Fridays? They are witty, sassy, and rebellious and just pop enough for you to be able to play their music in your parent’s car without any objection. They have been around for quite some time and I still do not understand why more people hasn’t catch on and listen to their music. Acap’s lyrics are the kind that you could print out and continuously plagiarized to make you sound like the intellectual person you’re not. I know because I am guilty of this. Perhaps The Fridays is on this list because I am a biased friend. But BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY, THEIR MUSC IS SO CLEVER AND CATCHY, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE MISSING OUT!! Anyway, they’ve released a single entitled “Disneyland” recently and it sounds amazing. It even comes with subtitles.



So, did you fell in love with any of the bands I mentioned above? Well, I hope you did because they definitely have a spot somewhere in my heart.

REMEMBER, the indie music scene needs all the love and support it can get to keep growing and to keep sustaining. It is up to us to dictate what our local music scene should look and sound like and it starts by supporting your local bands (new or old).

Follow their social media handles, go to their shows and buy their music/merch. You matter to them and they should matter to you too. Until the next “Local Indie Bands you should listen to” segment, have a great week!!!

Written by Eff Hakim

When she is not doing audio work or fronting her band Pastel Lite, Eff Hakim likes to write as a means to fully express herself in whatever medium she can use. She is a big fan of Chuck Palahniuk, kewpie dolls, warm tones, meta animes and retro synthesizers. Her life philosophy that she swears by is


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