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Pêche et poire : Milk Bar, New York

Cereal ice cream basically is everywhere. Especially me myself i do not really fancy ice cream or soft serve unless it has interesting flavours.

Share the same owner with Momofoku, I have to admit that David Chang is legit. He knows his stuffs. Put aside about his noodle bar which always full house,

Milk Bar as well creates its own trend.

Wish I could have everything in the store! These are few photos that I took when I was there this evening.

One dessert bucket list ticked!

Written by Sara

About SaraI make coffee & I read a lot of Monocle. I really believe in

"Do what you love, love what you do."

So besides making coffee, I design random things in laptop, I awkwardly do model sometimes, I run & I swing dance with my girlfriends.

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