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Pêche et poire : Odette, Singapore

Odette, Singapore by Chef Julien

Singapore is a country where food scene is blooming. When I was deciding which neighbour country to visit to experience more about fine dining, I chose Singapore without any hesitation. Then I thought of Odette right after that. This french restaurant I have been eyeing for their food art and interior design.

It needs prior advance reservation. My boyfriend and I made ours three months in advance. We went through their menu and choose based on our budgets.

Tips, always go for lunch as it will be way cheaper than dinner and the food are almost similar. Some fine dining restaurants will not listed what you will get in the menu as they only serve the freshest ingredients for that week and Odette is one of them.

They have 148SGD for 4 acts (course), 198SGD for 6 act (course) and 288SGD for 8 acts (course) (all prices are not including beverage, service fee and taxes). The price definitely will go higher if you go on weekends. Plan your trip on weekdays gonna save a lot!

Here are the entrance of the restaurant as it is located in National Gallery Museum. 

We were ridiculously nervous as that was our first two-machelin restaurant. Once we entered the huge gorgeous door, the staff greeted us politely then asked our booking name. I still remember when the waiter starts with “Hello, good afternoon. Welcome to Odette.” I am now still feel goosebump whenever I recalled bout that seconds.

Interiors are topnotch!

Allow me to explain how this “course/ act” works.

3 course does not mean you will only get 3 meals. Normally the whole experience comes with amuse-bouche (snacks), starter (first), bread, main (second), dessert (third) and petits fours. So fret not, 3 course meal is enough for a light lunch!

These are my top three favourite course.

  • Smoked egg / potato

  • Calamari jelly / crab / lime sorbet

  • Lemon tart

After we finished all of our course, we requested to visit the kitchen. This is what people-who- like-to-eat do (normally). Yes, you are allow to visit their kitchen if it is not a peak hour. We met and thanked all the kitchen staffs, short casual talk with sous chef (second man after head chef) and took photos for Instagram :P

Be prepared to spend about 3 hours and half. It was indeed a beautiful, life changing experience for both of us!

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