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The Art of Arranging Yourself In The World : COZY


Title: The Art of Arranging Yourself In The World : COZY

Author: Isabel Gillies

As Isabel Gillies wrote in this book. “We have to create cozy using what we have around us and search for it on the outside no matter where we are. Our everyday choices have enormous power to make our lives happier, more fulfilling and more in tune with what makes us genuine us.” Don’t you agreed with her?

What is your definition of cozy?

Cozy is when you feel connected, solid, peace and supported. It can be in any form, whether its a book, car, home or whatever.

As for me, I find myself cozy when I’m having my alone time, when I’m listening to my fav songs,

when I’m going out wearing my purple high-cut chuck taylor, when I‘m writing with Pilot G-2 05 pen, when I drink a cup of good coffee or my “teh o ais kosong”, when I play bowling with my own balls, my tudung and outfit is comfortable, when I’m with cats especially my cats, when I can see or I’m with people that I loved and the list goes on.

Incase you‘re lost and don’t know how to find cozy within you. Here is the tips on how you can find cozy:

1. Start with YOU.

In order to feel cozy, you need to know what you’re all about. Example; “What kind of top you like to wear?” “Do you like to wearing a certain shades of yellow?”. Keep asking yourself what you like/hate, why you like it, will it effect you in anyway? Just choose something, nothing wrong with choosing.


What can you create to feel cozy from your past/background? The truth of yourself isn’t fixed. In order to feel cozy, YOU are responsible for taking what happen to you, learning from it, then connecting it to your innermost self.

3. HOME.

Doesn’t matter what or where that place is. It can be a living things too. Whatever is closest to you physically, where you dwell-that’s probably your place. You can start with making your bed after you woke up, take a hot shower while listening to your “in-the-shower playlist” etc.


How wonderful is it to find harbours of cozy in public spaces? You can use weather as a tool for coziness, seeks for nature comfort. “What you find cozy is what is familiar.”And lastly,


Travel, go to a place you want to visit, go to a place where you can enjoy being you the most. Plan when you will be going, why you choose specific date, who will you bring along, choose what clothes you will pack, what types of activities you will do and what food you’ll eat. Even planning a trip can make you cozy, don’t you think so?

“Understanding is cozy because people want to know how they are being taken care of.” “Cozy is a balm for hard times.” - Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit

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