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The Life and Times Of A Girl Boss

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

The Life and Times Of A Girl Boss; An International Women’s day playlist.

A girl boss is more than just a catchy phrase to describe a financially independent female individual or your self-starting female entrepreneur in this new era of self owned businesses. It is a way of life for most women and it is so much more than just hustling.

The term Girl Boss has a lot of ambiguous meaning, but it almost always mean the same thing.

It is what we commonly use to describe a hardworking driven young woman who is determined to get what she wants in whatever means she can use. A girl boss is pretty much your average girl with a hunger of success.

But what does it truly means to be a girl boss? Can we, as women, really be able to run an empire while at the same time are trying to be responsible with the roles that society has pretty much given us? Is the world really any less misogynistic now and kind for the women who want to have their cakes and eat it too? Are we really asking too much?

Girl Bosses are a plenty and yet still underrated no matter how catchy the term is. Hardworking women everywhere are severely overlooked due to the fact that the world think it’s just NATURAL for women to step into the roles of wives and mothers as if it’s not a gigantic identity crisis inducing leap for us due to decades of social programming.

However, there is much hope on our side. The future is brighter and the future is in fact female. Times are so much forgiving now that we are finally given us the deciding hands in our destinies. We’ve come a long way and we should be proud.

Here’s to all the girl bosses out there who are achieving and creating things and not being apologetic for it. Happy International Woman’s day!!

Enjoy the following Girl Boss themed playlist below made with the intention to assist you on conquering your journey towards getting rid of toxic stereotypes and lingering prejudice or just by being your wonderful female self.

Women's Day Playlist

Written by Eff Hakim

When she is not doing audio work or fronting her band Pastel Lite, Eff Hakim likes to write as a means to fully express herself in whatever medium she can use. She is a big fan of Chuck Palahniuk, kewpie dolls, warm tones, meta animes and retro synthesizers. Her life philosophy that she swears by is

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