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What’s On Your Palette?

Disclaimer: You might experience some kind of colour explosion in your head when you get to the last word on this page.

January whooshes by and your planner has been left blank, no resolutions, nothing. Maybe you’re an unintended notebook collector whose intention diverts from buying one to use it to “It’s too nice, let’s save it for the best” when deep down you know it’s a white lie - cross out the best, add eternity. Get it? *high-five. Or are you a go with the flow kind of person? You hold on to the thought of how things don’t always go according to plan, you let life takes you anywhere it wants, you just want to ride. Is it relatable enough that you’re smiling now after spending a few seconds reading some fun facts about you? Don’t fret, be proud of how you roll. Fears shouldn't stop you from setting your goals, it should make you roll harder.

Life is an art palette, well you know, the one you first used when you were a kid, you enjoyed choosing a few of your favourite colours to use before squeezing it into the small circular holes. The thrill of having total freedom to make a mess before creating a masterpiece I could call my own is why I love the process to date. Same as life which is full of mess; fears, mistakes, problems and mishaps, you only select things you want to focus your energy on.

Resolutions are meant to keep you on the best lane, guiding you towards your goals, so choose the realistically doable ones. Let’s look at any new beginning as an art palette, be it New Year or turning point in life, get your brushes ready. You’d want to keep your list short and precise, pick five of your favourite colours to put on the palette. Each represents love, spiritual, wellness, passion and accomplishment. Breaking it down into these five keys gives you a firm grip on the reigns and balances out everything you need to feel content with your life.

Now that you already smudged your palette with some paint, how do you ensure they go well together on your white canvas? In other words, attainable altogether. It’s all about balance. Even if one colour dominates another and you lose control of your brush, grab anything near you and just stamp it all. Do it your way without comparing your pace to others - no two lives are alike. Grass is always greener on the other side, but what if YOU are the other side they talk about? You’re perceived as someone who has it all, either enviously or inspiringly, you’d be tickled pink to know you from other people’s windows.

Take a break and let the paint dry out once in a blue moon. Sometimes you’re afraid to do so as you think it’s a sign of failure. Think again, it doesn't mean you quit, you just want to call it a day. Remember, you’re a painter. Be in control of your when, what, why and how. When would you pull away, why does it happen that way, how would you cope and what would you do differently?

Again, you’re the painter. Put your palette aside and get back to your painting whenever you’re ready no matter how messy it is. Art is messy and chaotic, the messier the better. It also means life is being lived.

Life is very much a grey area, uncertainties scare you. You’re uncertain of where to start, given a clean canvas, you’re scared of where to make your first brushstroke, do you start in the middle or sides, if it’s the latter, left or right? The trick is to just start. Do anything you desire, paint the town red! Life is an escapade, only if you make it one. Get into bouldering, sign up for the pottery or baking class that Instagram keeps advertising on your timeline, figure out the love language of every person you love, change a profession, express yourself more, brown-bagging your lunch, try rifle shooting or experience your first roller coaster ride, but if you’re already a master at it that your wide grin can always be spotted in the long queue every time, then go skydiving - mild or wild, you define your adventure. Just like the very notion of art, it is subjective to others so don’t let anything kill your zeal.

Perhaps you like how pink signifies the tender love you have for your loved ones or if it reminds you of the wide selection of heart emoji on your keyboard, while white symbolizes your spiritual side, green takes you back to the botanical park near you or the vegetable aisle with many shades of green at the farmer’s market, red screams your passion for photography, poetry or anything you fond of doing and yellow represents your brightest accomplishment in academic or career this year - or both. So, what’s on your palette? Bid farewell to fears, start customizing it to your liking, painters!

Written by Nisa Rapi

Nisa Rapi loves to wallow in KL city lights when she’s not cultivating another world with her pink Olivetti. She lives by her dad’s definition of herself to keep going, “You have the qualities that no one can ever deny” - and she truly believes everyone should too!

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